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  1. How long is each session?     1 hour
  2. How much is each session?    Each session is $75 hour.  Concession is available to Concession card holders.  Classes and workshops are at different rates please check Movement Therapy page or  Workshop Information – The Fight Club page.
  3. Online paypal payments are available on this website.  It is recommended to pay for classes and workshops online to secure your place as numbers are limited.  See Services and Payment
  4. How do I book a time?    Phone – 0408005780.   Send an email with a contact number.
  5. How many sessions will I need?    This will depend on each individual.  Sometimes one session is all that is need to gain enough clarity and insight to be helpful.  Other times issues can be complex and may need extra time.  How much time is something that is worked out with each client.  Until 31st October 2019 a discount is available for 4 x 1hr sessions – $240 prepaid.
  6. Is parking available?     Some off street parking may be available and ample street parking is available.
  7. Is there any public transport close by.    Yes, route 626 on Noosa bus service has a bus stop two streets away.  We are 5 minutes from the bus stop on Orient Drive and Newfield Street.
  8. What happens in a session?    A session may look like a casual conversation.  It is relaxed but focused on your issue/s.  As a counsellor I may ask certain questions to help you gain a deeper insight to your issue/s and yourself.
  9. Will all my issues be resolved in a session?   Maybe and maybe not.  This is a very individual process and sometimes we have our most significant ah-ha moments in-between sessions.
  10. If you still have any questions about counselling your call is welcomed to discuss your concerns.

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