Bali Retreats and Men’s Workshop/Program


Relationship Revolution Retreats

In Bali March 2023

Would you like to improve your life? Improve your relationship. Improve your knowledge and skills in relationships.

Relationships have for a long time been underrated. There is a science to relationships and our social brain, why we want to connect and why it can be difficult to connect. Improving your understanding relationships can be the difference you have been looking for. No drugs or scripts required.

Strengthen your relationship.
Your Relationship Revolution is a week long retreat in beautiful Bali. The program has been specifically created & incorporating the latest research to help understand personal triggers, reduce conflict and get on the road to a successful relationship.
Join an intimate group on this journey of self awareness and relationships empowerment.

Let us help you go from reacting and arguing to connecting, supporting and loving.

MENS 5 week Workshop/Program

Register your interest for the 5 week Men’s Workshop/Program

What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction to the Neurobiology of our social brain
  • Learn How to map your autonomic nervous system
  • Develop insight to your past and present relationship
  • Cutting edge therapeutic practice with insight from relational neurobiology.
  • Clinically proven therapy to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Art and movement therapy
  • Includes workbook

Relationship Intensive

For couples who have been together for some time and want to get back on track sooner rather than later. This intensive runs over 3 days and includes 8 hours of therapy.

Relationship Workshops

These workshops are designed for specific interest groups.

Limited numbers book and pay to secure your place

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