How do we make our relationship better?

Maria Hull

Hi, My name is Maria Hull. I work with couples, individuals and families helping them improve themselves and their relationship. Being in a lasting loving relationship is worth working for. I believe as humans we seek relationships as we long for connection. Understanding relationships is my life work. Let’s work together.

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Congratulations for being curious. Congratulations for being willing to improve your relationship. I’m here to help…


You may be unsure what to do. Do we wait a bit longer and see if we can do it ourselves? Or do we take the risk and see if we can get some help sooner rather than later? Have you had an affair and don’t what to do? If this relationship means a lot to you both take the risk and make an appointment.

Maybe your partner doesn’t want to come along. Coming by yourself is still going to be helpful. Book a free 20 minute consultation on the phone today.

PHONE or TEXT: 0408005780


Have you just gone through a break up? Have you been single for a long time and unsure how to set boundaries? Or have you been given marching orders to therapy or else…? Do you have some personal issues about your relationship that you want to talk with a professional first before bringing up with your partner. Book a free 20 minute consultation today.


There are certain times that are challenging with families. Some of these are when children come along and when they become teenagers. Parents can find these time difficult and can also forgo their relationship with each other. Book a free 20 minute consultation today.

It is all about relationships. Relationships can compromise our human potential or it can help us find our human potential. Relationships can hurt us and relationships can help us heal.

The quality of our relationship determines the quality of our lives

Ester Perel

Book a free 20 minute consultation today.

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