Men do this first

Thinking of doing couples therapy?

Men start with doing a relationship workshop with other men.

Why? By the time some couples decide they want to improve their relationship and seek help there has been a lot of things that have happened and a lot of things that have been said to each in the relationship. Usually it is hard to sit in the same room with each other without being triggered. But why men first? Emotional intelligence and Wellbeing.

Men’s Space 5-week Workshop Program

is a collaboration with –          
 in the interest of supporting & improving Men’s Mental Health.

Noosa Thai Boxing Academy

Noosa Thai Boxing Academy

Men’s Space 5 week Workshop Program

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Emotional Intelligence and wellbeing for men

Working with relationships and couples, I have seen men not having enough understanding of connection and intimacy in their relationships.  It is not that men should know this by instinct or that it is a given, it is a societal issue.  Men by and large have not had this modelled to them, not by their fathers or grandfathers or great grandfathers. 

There are many men finding life and relationships difficult and challenging.  The reality is, that it is really difficult to learn anything new when you feel triggered. Quite literally your prefrontal cortex is compromised. There is mounting research telling us that depression is on the rise with men. Learning in a space with other men going through similar issues is reassuring and comforting – You are not alone.

How? Participate in Men’s Space. This program incorporates physical exercise for a total package of mind and body wellness. The goal of this 5-week workshop Program is to learn and do exercises to gain better understanding of yourself. Gain skills for your relationships and ultimately gain better connection and intimacy with those you love. Feel fitter and have a better life.

Then join in with your partner to do couples therapy. This way couples therapy becomes a more leveled place of understanding relationships and each other.

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