Your Relationship Revolution Noosa Retreat

What is one of the hardest part about getting your relationship to a happy place?

Time – Couples in Small business, working full-time, juggling time with family, friends and travel. You get the idea. Couples are busy. Singles are limited to the sometimes scary online dating world. We are living in unprecedented times.

Covid had many couples asking – “What are we doing with our relationship?”

Singles are asking – “How am I going to meet that someone special?”

Many couples find it difficult to make traction with their relationship when attending regular couples therapy. Let alone spending one hour at a time in therapy sessions.

Singles are left alone with covid and confined to online dating. The internet world has made it unsafe for some singles, leaving them feeling vunerable and scared. How can meeting new people or a prospective partner become safer and how do I learn not make the same mistakes again?

The past six years have taught me that couples and singles need a safe space to learn and time

  • Time to settle
  • Time to focus
  • Time to understand
  • Time to learn
  • Time to digest
  • Time to reflect
  • Time to relax
  • Time to appreciate
  • Time to develop
  • Time to connect

Many couples and singles desire to connect. This is a deep neurobiological yearning, it is part of our evolutionary journey. There are things that can interupt or compromise our capacity to connect. For many couples and singles time sitting in a counselling practice is the first time they have given their relationship the attention it needs.

What will a 5 day couples Relationship Revolution Noosa Retreat give you?

Devoted time to work on your relationship.

Is this Relationship Revolution Noosa Retreat for you?

Are you tired of internet dating? Are you scared you are attracting the wrong person? Would you like to meet someone who wants a deeper connection? Would you like to know how to set boundaries?

Have you been fighting more than usual? Have you spent time where you’re not talking with your partner? Are you missing your partner? Not as close, not as intimate as you use to be? Are you clashing and having lots of misunderstandings?

Would you like to spend more time relaxing with your partner than arguing? Would you like to be dreaming with your partner again? Would you like feel that your partner gets you? Would you like to feel loved and give love to your partner?

Are you prepared to spend the time and effort to work on your relationship and relationship skills? Are you prepared to learn and understand new ways to be with your partner or future partner? Are you prepared to do what it takes to help yourself and your partner feel safe in the relationship?

If you answered yes, to most of the questions above, chances are this relationship revolution Noosa retreat is for you.

For Couples and Singles in Beautiful Noosa

Hi, my name is Maria Hull and I have been working with many couples and singles. I have dedicated my practice to helping struggling couples and singles to connect and feel love again. I’m a relationship counsellor with a Masters degree in Counselling and a graduate diploma in education. I was connecting couples through dance many years back as a latin dance teacher and have continued to help couples and singles.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my practice is working with our neurobiology and autonomic nervous system. When our autonomic nervous system is working optimally our social neurobiology allows us to connect and be social with little effort because that is how we have developed. When our autonomic nervous system has perceived cues of danger our neurobiology sets a course of action to help us survive. This is key to helping couples find health, growth and restoration. With that comes homeostasis and loving connection.

This is found using a bottom up process and understanding our social neurobiology. This is different from traditional therapies that use top down approach. A bottom up process works through the body to connect back to cognition through art, movement or somatic and music. Understanding our neurobiology is backed by the science of feeling safe or polyvagal theory. When couples understand their own and their partners neurobiology states they can find a place of understanding and curiosity. Couples learn to help each other through co-regulation and learn how it is a foundation for a secure and loving connected relationship.


Couples and singles will have access to the clinically proven therapeutic intervention developed by Dr. Stephen Porges – Safe and Sound Protocol.

Your Relationship Revolution Noosa Retreat is

  • An all inclusive luxury retreat.
  • Limited numbers!
  • Dates – TBC 2020 & 2021
  • Travel to or from retreat is not included
  • For more information email, text or call Maria at Maria Hull Noosa Counselling

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Give your relationship the time it deserves

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