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Fun Movement Therapy for Couples

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What is something most of us crave for in this modern world…?

Have you guessed it?  It is Connection.

You can learn dancing and you can also learn about your relationship through dancing.

Perhaps you have not even thought about the dynamics of your relationships.  It is the silent driver in your relationship.  Sometimes it is what causes the fights and tension in a relationship.  Sometimes it is the elephant in the room or in this case in the relationship that nobody wants to discuss.  What is it?

It is the dynamics of Power and Control in a relationship.  Whether we joke about it, for example we may hear ‘…wears the pants in the relationship,’ or  ‘… never says anything.’  It is usually easy to see from the outside than it is from the inside.  When we don’t recognise it or acknowledge it, power and control in a relationship can drive us further away from the connection we seek.

Why is connection so important in a relationship?  We are social creatures.  Our brains have developed through social relationships.  As mammals we share this commonality where babies are vulnerable and require support to survive.  Since and before we as humans have relied on another human to keep us alive.  It is this primary need that remains with us all through our lives.  Have you heard how people die from loneliness?  Studies have shown that couples live longer and healthier lives.  Most adults want to be in a relationship with someone.  Most adults want to love someone and be loved in return.  What is a painful experience for couples – feeling lonely in their relationship or feeling they have lost connection with each other.  Relationships are complex and there are many factors that go into having a successful relationship, understanding power and control issues can be highly beneficial for couples.

Through coming together in the movement of dance a couple can experience and learn their power and control dynamics of their relationship.  This therapy has been devised especially for couples by Maria Hull Noosa Counselling.  Using years of dance and couple therapy knowledge these 2 hours will help you transform your relationship with your partner.

You will learn –

  1. To identify who has power/control in the relationship and when.
  2. What it feels like to have power/control and what it feels like not to have power/control in the relationship.
  3. How to communicate with each other in the relationship.
  4. How to dance basic latin style of Bachata.

Who is this for?  Couples who –

  • Want to refresh their relationship
  • Want to explore and develop their relationship
  • New couples who want to give their relationship a sound start
  • Want to have fun with each other

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