I am a bridge!

2018 is off and running!

It is already February and it feels like time has just accelerated.   With my family we enjoyed a wonderful holiday abroad.  We visited Buenos Aires, Argentina and my parents birth place of Montevideo, Uruguay.  I enjoyed the challenge of trying to reconnect with my parents language and my first language of spanish.  It was a great battery re-charger and invigorator.  I was eager to jump back into my practice with a head full and a body energised ready to implement all these new plans.

While I have all these plans to engage with in 2018 not all things always go with the proposed agenda.  That’s life.  So while I had to take some time off to care for my father who was recovering from surgery, I did have some time to think about what the year ahead means to me.

Puente de la Mujer
Puente de la Mujer, Buenos Aires


Metaphors have taken my attention this year.  I asked myself if I could describe myself as something what would that be?  The answer was a bridge.  I do bridge very well – not the card game but actual bridge.  I thought back when I used to play soccer.   While I had some speed and ball skills in my younger years I just couldn’t shoot goals.  However, I found my place on the field by being the deliverer of the ball to the shooters.  I could do that very well.  I was the bridge on the field that took the ball from the back to the front.  When I got involved in a cycling club I was the bridge for the juniors to enter the sport.  When I’m on the radio I am the cultural bridge to the community.  In my profession I am the communication and understanding bridge for individuals and couples.

In my practice the significant metaphor is the pineapple.  Yes, the humble pineapple.

pineapple pic

The pineapple is symbolic of specific times during a relationship that are uncomfortable, awkward, hard to manage, frustrating and confusing yet holds the potential to be a delicious juicy nutritionment.  Relationships are like pineapple sometimes!  Learn to manage the disagreements with care and understanding and be nourished with a more connected and rewarding relationship.

What’s Happening with Maria Hull Noosa Counselling in 2018

  • New classes with movement therapy starting soon!!!
  • Practice recommencement – Relationships, individuals and families counselling
  • Monday nights radio at Noosa FM 101.3 – Mambo Cafe & Juice Bar 8-10pm.  A cocktail of latin Sounds and relationship insights.  Livestream www.noosafm.org
  • The practice now accepts bpay online and in the practice – accepts most major cards.

Subsequent Couples or Individual Counselling sessions

1 hour counselling session. Face to face at Noosa practice. $85 plus 5% surcharge for paypal payments


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