2016 Making time to Heal

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I thought I’d start the year off with a theme that I’d like to give attention to – that is HEAL.

Sometimes people are a bit unclear about counselling and what it is or what it does.  Let me start off with a bit of simplification.  Let us look at a wound of the skin.  We may have tripped on a an uneven surface and fell over to graze or scratch our skin.  We assess the wound – first aid.  Is it small, large, deep, wide, and scale the pain received.  Depending on the type of wound will indicate what treatment is required.  It may require nothing, a band aid, some antiseptic dressing, sutures, or surgery.

In our personal life healing may not always be so simplistic but I hope you can start to see my parallel.  Our personal life can experience wounds too. Some wounds even though they can’t exactly been seen with the human eye like a graze to the skin there is no doubt that we can feel these wounds. For most part people generally can heal some personal wounds by themselves, with good friends and or  with time.   Walks along the beach, personal writing,  time with a trusted friend, yoga, or meditation can all help with personal healing.

The cure for anything

When our personal wounds are deep and we add day to day living stresses our healing may need some help.  Traumatic relationships can affect our life in multiply ways and limit our personal potential and our ability to heal.  Traumatic relationships is a big umbrella of different relationships that may affect us.  On a general note and not necessarily the rule – the closer and more trust we have in a relationship the deeper the wound that can occur.

The pressure of everyday life and survival means that we may not always realise how deep our wounds are or have the time to address them.  Some signs are the inability to hold long term relationships, inability to maintain long term employment, difficulty sleeping and addictions.  This is where seeking professional help such as counselling may assist in the healing process.

Traumatic Relationship Workshop – Saturday 30th Jan 2016

This year I will be running one day group workshops with various issues.  I will be starting this year with a ‘Traumatic Relationship’ workshop. Numbers are limited to 8 people.  It will be for anyone who has experienced or is experiencing a traumatic relationship.  The workshop will include art therapy and all art materials.  The aim of the workshop is to help clarify, learn from each other and practice healing techniques.

Date: Saturday 30th January 2016  at Sunrise Beach, Noosa

Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Cost: $120 includes all art materials, morning and afternoon tea including coffee.

Bookings are essential: Payment to secure place.

Contact: contact@counsellingatnoosa.com or PH: 5448 0633 for more info.



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