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Approach – Person Centered counselling provides an individualized approach to counselling, where each client is valued and respected for the unique individual that they are. The practice is informed by psychodynamic psychotherapy, solution-based practices, and narrative theories are also utilized. This can be a very enriching and insightful experience. Clients also learn through psychoeducation about relationships and related theories along with HRV & stress assessments. Art & movement therapy are also incorporated in classes, workshops, retreats and as part of an individualised approach for clients.

Counselling can assist clients with healing on personal issues and help people on their journey to mental health and balance.

Couples – Whether you are wanting to establish a sound relationship for your future, working through a rough spot or working through a separation.   Focused and collaborative conversations can assist with emotional relationship issues where all persons are heard, validated and an amicable solution is pursued.

Individual – The most important relationship in your life is you.  How you manage yourself, view yourself, the world and others may have a significant impact in how you live your life.  Sometimes life presents unexpected circumstances or events can overwhelm and confuse us.  Seeking answers and finding clarity and balance may need some focused conversations to get us back on our feet again.

Family – Family issues can be complex at times.  A safe place is provided for all members to be heard and validated.  Sensitive issues are managed with a collaboration between client and counsellor to best suit the clients’ needs.


If you would like to have online sessions I have a HIPAA compliant Zoom account for secure sessions. Please let me know if you’d like a zoom session and I will send you a link and confirm time for session.

Specialising in Relationship Therapy, Programs, Workshops and Retreats

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Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) – SSP is a clinically proven intervention for Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Auditory hypersensitivity, inattention, behavioral dysregulation, difficulty with social communication and preparation for therapy.

Maria Hull

I’m a professional relationship clinical counsellor, therapist & teacher. My passion is to help people improve their lives with science and creativity.

I’m based in Noosa. I also work with couples, Individuals and families in my practice.

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